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    Chat Application for Enterprises
    Interact with your fellow workers or colleagues
    using our real time and instant messaging
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    Exchange Multimedia
    Send and receive Documents, Photos,
    Videos, Audio, Contacts, Location, and much more
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    Multiple platforms
    Runs on Android, iOS and Web

Multi Platform Friendly

A chat app designed to work seamlessly on various platforms such as Android, iOS, and Web, helping you interact with your colleagues with ease and in a more meaningful way.

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Android Devices

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iOS Devices

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Key features

Chat App with Friends

Faster Real time messaging

Employees use real time messaging platform to easily exchange messages, documents, and videos with their colleagues. Get notified on every project and complete projects faster with our real time messaging and notifications. Interact with your team, share project updates, share files, ask questions and even leave feedback from anywhere. It is available for Android, iOS and even works as a web application.

Private chat, Group chat and Broadcast

Private chat allows you to chat and share confidential information without anyone else knowing. This is perfect for personal, professional and discreet conversations that you would want to usually discuss in person.

Group chat lets you add a team or a group of people you would like to reach out with the same message. The messages sent are shared in the group. You only send the message and every member of the group will see the message in the group chat. It is the best way to reach out to your group members or team at once.

Broadcast feature allows your organization to reach out to a group of employees quickly and simultaneously. Broadcast is the quickest and easiest way to deliver messages to lots of people. Simple and easy to use, all that you need to do is write the message and it will be delivered to as many people you want and are there in your contact list, no more sending messages individually.

Search Group Chat
Seach Chat application

Search through old messages

You don’t have to ever worry about losing your messages. You can search through messages to access old information or files sent to you. All messages are safe and archived for future reference. There is also no limit on how much of data is saved in your message history. All messages are stored in one thread for each user or group, so it’s easy to access your previous messages anytime. All your conversations are saved and easily accessible anytime whether it is messages, documents, images, and more that you are looking for.

Encrypted data

Whether you are sharing important data and you can't risk the information getting into the wrong hands, or maybe you are sending personal data, our messaging tool is safe and secured with encryption, and no one eavesdrop and access your information. All messages and files sent are secured with encryption when sent over the network or stored on the server. We cal also offer additional security features like full user management, remove device management, two-factor authentication and more.

Chat application broadcast

Supports multiple and different types of attachments

PhotosPhotos PhotosPhotos
AudioAudio AudioAudio
Phone ContactsPhone Contacts Phone ContactsPhone Contacts
Phone Contacts
DocumentsDocuments DocumentsDocuments

About Us

Necto Technologies Private Limited is a young IT solutions company based out of Mumbai, India. We are passionate about creating high standards in the area of mobile app development. A team of top-notch developers and skilled entrepreneurs, we are fuelled by the drive for creating and delivering engaging experiences, intelligent products, and exceptional outcomes.

We are specialist in building successful mobile apps from the ground up! Our team of graphic designers, content writers, UX experts, and programmers wakes up every morning and puts their fine-tuned and specific skill sets to visualize and create beautiful apps that not only stand out from the crowd but also have high usability. This ensures that people would actually use apps built by us. We know what your users really want and we know how to design and create an app that will matter the most to them.

We live and breathe mobile apps! We specialize in developing apps for both mobile and web including Android, iOS, and Hybrid.

We Create Awesome Web and Mobile Products for Your Business!

For a chat app that works seamlessly on all leading mobile platforms and the web, you need not wait any longer. We can create a high quality and secure chat application for your business that will change the way your employees communicate for the better.

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