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    Hybrid Application Development
    One App for multiple Platforms
    Build once, deploy on multiple platforms
    Hybrid Application Development
    Hybrid Application Development
    Hybrid Application Development
    Hybrid Application Development

Why Hybrid Applications?

Rapid Development

Building native applications means using the native language of the platform viz Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. As code must be written specifically for each platform, the same code will have to largely be rewritten for each platforms. This process can be relatively long for complex applications.

On the other hand, Hybrid apps use one single code for multiple platforms. The application development is faster, simpler, rapid and the application is easier to maintain.

Cost Effective

Hybrid Apps are built once and deployed over multiple platform or form factors without major modifications on the code base. Hybrid mobile app development is cost effective as not only build time but also maintenance and upgradation time is much lesser than individual native application.

Client receives the benefit of lesser build, maintenance and upgradation time, hence lesser cost.

Easy Maintainence

Often, you would want to add new features into your app to meet changing business and market needs.

Hybrid code base can be updated once and can be applied to all platforms almost instantly saving a huge time rather independent development / updating of code bases for native apps.

The quality of code and development remains consistent over multiple platforms and release can be seamless over geographies.

Consistent Experience across platforms

Consistent look and feel is a major characteristic of hybrid apps.

Hybrid mobile code is written with technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS in a way that it is supposed to work on multiple devices unlike native code. Be it iOS, Android or Windows, Hybrid apps look and feel the same across all platforms due to their reliance on web view. It also allows standardized app functionality across all devices.

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