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We develop unique applications that are different yet help you reach more users. We do this while maximizing your return on investment with our customized IT solutions and adding value to your business at the same time.

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Why we are different?

iOS Application Consulting

iOS App Consulting

iPhones, iPods, and iPads Apps - are excellent at promoting your business, interacting with customers, performing tasks, or apps work as today's investment for tomorrows funding before becoming another big story in business world. No matter where you are in the app journey stage, it makes a huge difference to have guidance. Our iOS app consultants are eager to provide help in the way that's most useful to your current needs.

If you have a brilliant app idea but no resources to do anything with it, we would love working on creative and pioneering apps. We will flesh out your idea, ensure the design is tight and intuitive, test it during each step of the process. We will help you navigate Apple’s technologies and resources. We will work with you to oversee infrastructure selection, enterprise scalability plan integrate with analytic and business Intelligence.

Our app development team will design an engaging app that will be valued by your customers.

Beautiful User Experience Designs

User experience design (UX design) is a multi-disciplinary industry that touches everything from soft social skills to hard technology. Designing a rich and meaningful user experience begins with finding out the reason why a user would need the application in question. Once that reason has been identified, designing an experience that is beautiful and user friendly becomes easy. Our UX design team focuses on the interaction between the app and your users in order to design apps that enhance the overall user experience. For that we focus on design elements such as information architecture, user research, visual design, interaction design, usability design and more.

We build apps that have all the factors of great usability; seamless interaction, performance, and familiarity without losing out on the visual attractiveness. We are able to achieve this by creating unique designs that are customer centric and yet surprisingly simple. This leads to the instant user connect and a bankable user experience.

Good UI UX Design
Clean and reusable code

Clean and reusable code

We use high coding standards in all our projects and see them to be very essential as they help the project to run smoothly. We apply a consistent coding style across the project to make it easy to maintain the codes. Our coding standards make after-delivery maintenance or enhancement of the application simple and reduce the cost of the project. It also lets our programmer design codes that are not only highly maintainable and readable but also reusable.

Much time and cost can be saved while programming using codes that are reusable. Reusable codes also ensure that the different development teams do not have to work separately on solving a problem, if one team has found a solution already; they can simply share it with the others and help quicken the progress of the project.

Reusing code also means that the code has been tested in the past and has fewer or no bugs.

Timely delivery of iOS Apps

Every project has three main clinchers, 1) on budget delivery, 2) on time delivery, and 3) customer satisfaction, with the first two often affecting the third one.

We realize the fact that no matter how well planned or tight a project schedule may be, there is always the possibility for delay. The question though is not whether delays will occur, as they most likely will, but how they are handled once they do. After every project, our team identifies the factors that caused or inhibited our success. This helps us in repeating factors that lead to our success in future projects.

There are a few of standard steps we follow to minimize time delays which include to start projects with realistic deadlines, to remain proactive to minimize the unexpected and to act swiftly to minimize the damage that delays can cause.

We have evolved our operating practices to mitigate risks causing late delivery of projects. We also collaborate with all our internal and external stakeholders, using best of the line project management software, and that gives us an extra edge.

Timely Delivery
Continuous communication

Continuous Communication

Communication is the most important part of any project. For a project to be successful, communication with the client has to be kept seamless. Our project managers know the importance of communication and that it is the core of the successful completion of any project, and therefore keeps communication alive at all stages of development, from the beginning to end of a project, with all our clients.

Our team of professionals manages the expectation of the client community very well. We state clearly what we have committed to deliver, what we can achieve, what our role is, and what would be our client’s role. This is implemented to attain success and avoid any misunderstandings during the course of working on the project.

Comprehensive Project lifecycle management

The important challenge of project management is to attain each of the project targets remaining within the constraints such as quality, time and budget.

Necto uses the project management life cycle to overall manage all the jobs. This cycle comprises of five measures; Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring/Management, and Closing. All of these measures are equally important and we realize that every one of them plays a vital role in making your project a big success. Hence, our team of professionals does not give more precedence to any one measure.

Comprehensive Project lifecycle management

About Us

Necto Technologies Private Limited is a young IT solutions company based out of Mumbai, India. We are passionate about creating high standards in the area of mobile app development. A team of top-notch developers and skilled entrepreneurs, we are fuelled by the drive for creating and delivering engaging experiences, intelligent products, and exceptional outcomes.

We are specialist in building successful mobile apps from the ground up! Our team of graphic designers, content writers, UX experts, and programmers wakes up every morning and puts their fine-tuned and specific skill sets to visualize and create beautiful apps that not only stand out from the crowd but also have high usability. This ensures that people would actually use apps built by us. We know what your users really want and we know how to design and create an app that will matter the most to them.

We live and breathe mobile apps! We specialize in developing apps for both mobile and web including Android, iOS, and Hybrid.

We Create Awesome Web and Mobile Products for Your Business!

Want to build a great iOS app that your customers will fall in love with? Want an iOS app that is downloaded the most and adorned with great reviews? We are just the right partner, you need. Our expert iOS app developers will deliver a bankable iOS app for you every time.

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