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Our Business process

Journey of an Idea towards a great App

Application Idea


You discover by uncovering what was not uncovered so far. Every new idea is akin to a new discovery in that sense. We believe that the execution of your idea may make users’ life easier and solve their problems, and so our designers begin crafting great user experience by identifying your vision at first; how it fits with users’ needs, the target market, and your business needs. We also look at how your app would solve users’ problems and how they would love to use it.

User experience designing

An app’s success is defined by its users’ perception. “Does this app give me value? Is it easy to use? Is it pleasant to use?” are just some of the questions that run through the minds of the users of any app. The answers to these questions form the basis of their decision on whether to become the regular users of your app or not. We strive to make them answer “Yes” to all of those questions as they interact with your app.

Application UX Prototyping
Application UI Interface design

User interface designing

The goal of User Interface (UI) design is to make user's interaction with the app as simple and efficient as possible, while accomplishing the user goals at the same time. To ensure this, we begin by preparing wireframes and converting them into screens. We select fonts, colors, and other design forms to give consistent looks. Each screen is designed to optimize user experience and to highlight those forms to which they link. We always stay consistent and predictable with the user choices and apps’ layout.

System Design

One of the most crucial parts of any software project is System Design as it provides the clear technical vision needed for efficient and timely completion of the software development process. That is the reason why we always begin designing a successful application after carefully considering all the specific requirements of our clients. This ensures a rock solid architecture for our design that is highly flexible and adaptable to the future business needs of our clients. A carefully crafted architecture also means that we are able to identify design risks and mitigate them early in the development process, greatly reducing technical, market and business risks for our clients.

Application Detailed Design
Application Coding


Software coding is all about writing easy to understand and reusable computer instructions for each module of an app. We use solid coding techniques combined with good programming practices to create high quality code that plays an important role in software quality and performance. In addition, by consistently applying a well-defined coding standard and proper coding techniques , and holding routine code reviews, our team of programmers working on a software project are able to yield a software system that is easier to comprehend and maintain.


Testing is the process of evaluating the software system or its components with the intent to find whether it satisfies the specified user requirements or not. It is also executing a system in order to identify any gaps, errors, or missing requirements in contrary to the actual requirements. Our software testing measures include system testing, integration testing, smoke and sanity testing, API testing, security testing, load testing, performance testing, GUI testing, and acceptance testing. It is only after the testing is successfully over that we move to launching the app for you.

Application Testing
Application Launch

Launch of App

This is the moment to celebrate! After going through the several aspects related to security compliances, network responsiveness, and performance scaling, we hand over the finished business app to you, and help you with placing your new app on Android Play Store and iOS App Store (getting the approval needed), and marketing support . We also help you with valuable advices on getting your new mobile app noticed in the increasingly crowded mobile app market.

Maintenance and Enhancement

Updating your app every few months is a necessity as it not only helps in resolving newer issues on security, performance, and bugs but also helps in continued enhancement of your app’s capabilities. Often, you would want to add new features into your app to meet changing business and market needs. Sometimes, users may even express the need for additional features on your app. Market feedback is another great indicator of what is working or not working for your app from a user’s perspective. No matter what the situation is, we are always there to ensure that your app stays updated as per the current market trend and requirements.

Application Maintenance
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